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Special characters in Portuguese

Every language has its own particularities, and Portuguse is not different. As a Latin language, Portuguese

Basic greetings in Portuguese

During your daily activities, you may occasionally meet new people. By this I mean people you

Verb TO BE in Portuguese – Present

The verb TO BE is one of the most used verbs in English. Although it is

Comparison of adjectives in Portuguese

Sometimes we need to talk about people or things, and also describe them. In these cases,

Adjectives in Portuguese (Adjetivos)

In Portuguese, the adjectives have the same function (to describe and/or “qualify” the noun) but they

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The more you study anything (whether it is a language or whatever it is), the more

Possessive pronouns – Pronomes possessivos

Like some other classes of words, possessive pronouns depend on the gender of the word. Each personal

Demonstrative Pronouns – Pronomes demonstrativos

In English, there are four demonstrative pronouns: this, these, that and those. This and that are

Articles in Portuguese – Artigos

Differently from English, the articles in Portuguese change according to the genre and the number of

Personal pronouns – pronomes pessoais

Personal pronouns in Portuguese are divided in singular and plural ones. There are “officially” three of