Basic greetings in Portuguese

During your daily activities, you may occasionally meet new people. By this I mean people you still don’t know. So before you will start talking to him/her, you will have to introduce yourself or someone will do that for you.

There are some common sentences that are used in this context. In this post I am gonna talk about some of them.


The first case is when you meet a random person and will start talking to him/her. So before engaging a conversation, you can you use some of the sentences below:

  • Oi, tudo bem? (Hello, how are you?)
  • Como vai? (How are you?)
  • Eu sou …. (My name is…)
  • Meu nome é … (My name is …)
  • Prazer em conhecê-lo(a) (Nice to meet you)

The last sentence can be Prazer em conhecê-lo or Prazer em conhecê-la. The first one is used for men and the second one for women. In both cases, it can be shortened to “Prazer” only.

People in Brazil use to shake hands when meeting for the first time, mainly in formal situations. If the meeting is informal (street, a party, on the beach, someone’s house…), people may also kiss each other on the cheek. This happens only when there is at least one girl/woman. I mean, a guy kiss a girl on the cheek. Two girls kiss each other on the cheek, but two guys never kiss each other on the cheek. Cultural issues..

greetings in Portuguese


If you are the people who will introduce your friend/relative/anybody else to a friend or other people, you may say some of the sentences below:

  • Quero que você conheça… (I want you to meet…)
  • Este(Esta) é meu amigo (minha amiga)… (This is my friend…)
  • Quero te apresentar… (I want to introduce you…)

After that, you can follow the sentences mentioned earlier in this post, and then start a conversation (or not), depending on how interested you are in the person and if you have time for that or not.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment.

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