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The more you study anything (whether it is a language or whatever it is), the more you will learn about it. It may sound pretty obvious, but not everybody follows that simple rule when decide to learn something.

To help you with your Portuguese language skills, I decided to create this blog, and, specifically, this post. Here I am publishing a list of some pages where you can get a “Portuguese Word of the day” in your e-mail. This way you will be more informed about words of Portuguese language.

Here is a small list:

  • Innovative language: in my opinion, the most complete. It has the word (or phrase), a picture and also some examples that can be heard by pressing the high speaker button;
  • Bitesized: this one has not exactly an email subscription option, but has also the option to hear the words being pronounced and even download them;
  • Transparent Language: it is simple but yet effective. You can subscribe your email and/or see the words online.

I hope these pages can be useful to you. If you know other pages like this, please leave a comment.

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