Most common words in Portuguese (Parte 2- 801-900)

Here is the part two of most common words in Portuguese, with words in postions 801-900.

Most common words in Portuguese (Parte 1- 901-1000)

Here is the part one of most common words in Portuguese, with words in postions 901-1000.

List of 1000 most common words in Portuguese

Learning a languages requires the acquisition of several skills. One of them is vocabulary. That is,

5 best Portuguese dictionaries

If you want to study a new language, having a dictionary is a good thing to

Months, days and seasons in Portuguese

Months of the Year (Os meses do ano) janeiro – January fevereiro –  February março –

Substantivos (nouns) in Portuguese

Today we are gonna learn about nouns in Portuguese (their definition) and in future posts we

Ordinal numbers in Portuguese | Números ordinais

Before learning about ordinal numbers in Portuguese, you have to learn about Numbers in Portuguese. Check

How to say thank you in Portuguese?

Saying thank you when someone helps you or does a favor to you is a way to

Special characters in Portuguese

Every language has its own particularities, and Portuguse is not different. As a Latin language, Portuguese

Basic greetings in Portuguese

During your daily activities, you may occasionally meet new people. By this I mean people you